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January is hobby month....

brain health cognitive support hobbies hobby month Jan 24, 2023

What do you like to do in your spare time? ⏳

Every January, during National Hobby Month, thousands of Americans celebrate their favorite hobbies and try out new ones.

From outdoor activities like swimming or hiking, to artsy projects like painting or knitting — most of us have go-to pursuits. During this month, consider expanding your list of hobbies and share the ones you love.

​I have taken up a musical instrument - for my 60th birthday (in January), my husband gave me an autoharp!

Not familiar with the instrument? Imagine a 36 string guitar, you press a button to make a chord, then strum and melody pick the strings! Some of you may remember seeing one in your elementary school music teacher's classroom!

I am not musical, and had to start learning from scratch, involving lots of practice and an equal amount of patience and self compassion with myself. And the good news: after 4 years, I have learned a lot, am still learning and have totally enjoyed this wonderful, musical new hobby!

And, the health benefits of learning a new "language" are fantastic for the brain!

Same goes for most new hobbies, creating more wiring and connections in our brain, and that means improved cognitive functions! 🧠 🧐


So, by saying "yes" to a new hobby, you will likely have fun and may improve your brain health!

For those of you who like to understand the background of how hobby month began:


The etymology behind the word hobby can be traced back to the 16th century word “hobyn” meaning “small horse and pony.” The term “hobby horse”, meaning a toy horse, was first used in Reading, England in 1557. 🐴

Hobbies are often referred to as a “pastime,” derived from the use of hobbies to pass the time. From “hobby horse” came the expression “to ride one’s hobby horse” meaning “to follow one’s favorite pastime.”

Over several centuries, the term “hobby” grew to be associated with recreation and leisure. While in the 17th century it was generally perceived as a childish pursuit, with the growth of the industrial society, hobbies took on greater respectability by the 18th century.

Over years, hobbies have become an activity that is a regular practice serving a worthwhile purpose to individuals. Hobbies can be practiced for pure enjoyment or interest, and sometimes even financial reward.

Today, hobbies are embraced all over the world and people’s passion for their hobbies has taken them places they never would have thought possible. From reading, writing, and collecting, to art and video games, whatever it is that gets your gears going, this January is your opportunity to kick it into full swing and let your inner hobbler out!

What hobbies do you have?

​Please share with me what you love to do in your free time - or what you are committed to making time to do!

If you don't have one, now is a great time to start one - who knows, in 4 years, you might develop a new skill!

Age Intelligently with a new hobby! 🐴

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