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Age Intelligence Blog - "It's Matterful"

Hate Veggies? anti-oxidents vegetables Apr 04, 2023

Hate vegetables?

Read this;

It’s not just kids that wrinkle their nose at a plate of green stuff.

Lots of adults feel the same—inclined to hide their Brussels Sprouts under their seat cushion if no one was watching.

If that’s you, it’s not a character flaw.

While many...

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National Chocolate Day! anti-oxidents dark chocolate benefits heart disease minerals Jan 31, 2023

National Chocolate Day - February 1st!

Today is National Chocolate Day!
Enjoy a sweet treat and don't forget to tag a friend who would also love a delicious bite of dark chocolate.

Chocolate in a nutshell:

🍫The word chocolate, from the Aztec "chocolātl" meaning "bitter drink", was originally a...

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