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The #1 Nutrition Principle chicken diet fish fruits heart disease heart health lean meats minimally-processed foods protein powser turkey veggies whole foods Mar 01, 2023

The #1 nutrition principle

“Red wine is better than white wine!”

“Spinach is better than romaine!”


Ever feel like good nutrition is just too complicated?

If you’re overwhelmed, try this ONE habit:

Eat mostly (or at least more)...

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"Hardening of the arteries" ... and how your doctor might test for it arteriosclerosis artherosclerosis ascvd cdc guide to heart health month cholesterol fda guide to statins hardening of the arteries heart disease heart health month statins Feb 13, 2023

Continuing with Heart Health month, here's more heart healthy insights!

This week, I will summarize some of my learning about the testing your doctor may do for heart disease.  

While most of us have heard about "good and bad" cholesterol, it may not give us all the info needed...

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National Chocolate Day! anti-oxidents dark chocolate benefits heart disease minerals Jan 31, 2023

National Chocolate Day - February 1st!

Today is National Chocolate Day!
Enjoy a sweet treat and don't forget to tag a friend who would also love a delicious bite of dark chocolate.

Chocolate in a nutshell:

🍫The word chocolate, from the Aztec "chocolātl" meaning "bitter drink", was originally a...

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